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Ed and Kip

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Ed and Kip

by Kay Chorao
Illustrator(s): Kay Chorao
Ebook | Pages : 24
Size: 8 X 10 | USD $6.99
ISBN: 9780823431229 | Pub Date: 2014-01-17

Grade: | Age: 4 to 8
Other Editions: Hardcover, Paperback

Themes: Easy Readers, Friendship, Animals/Fiction

About the Book

It's playtime for Ed and Kip! The happy-go-lucky elephants have lots of fun rolling and kicking a rock around with their friend Bug, but the games come to a halt when one bad kick sends the rock straight into Crocodile's pond. Crocodile comes close to devouring the poor elephants before Bug uses some quick thinking to save his friends.This delightful easy-reader is full of kid-friendly mischief, with beautiful illustrations of Ed and Kip's jungle adventure.