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What a Treasure!

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What a Treasure!

by Jane Hillenbrand
Illustrator(s): Will Hillenbrand
Paperback | Pages : 32
Size: 9 X 9 | USD $6.99
ISBN: 9780823439874 | Pub Date: 2018-01-16

Grade: | Age: 4 to 8
Other Editions: Board Book, Ebook

Themes: Friendship, Adventure, Sharing, Animals/Fiction

About the Book

Mole has a new shovel and he is digging for buried treasure. But what he finds are treasures for everyone else! He finds a stick and gives it to Bird for his nest. He finds a shell and gives it to Snail for a home. An acorn he gives to Squirrel for his dinner. Finally, he finds a treasure for himself, a friend.