Roxie Munro
Roxie Munro talks about her new book, Rodent Rascals.

Common Core State Standards
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Acceptance & Belonging   Customs & Traditions   Holocaust
Adoption   Death, Dying & Grief   Hope
Adventure   Dinosaurs   Human & Civil Rights
Algebra   Disabilities & Illness   Humor
Ancient Worlds   Divorce & Single Parent Families   Immigrant Experience
Animals/Fiction   Easy Readers   Intergenerational
Animals/Nonfiction   Ecology & Conservation   Judaica
Art & Architecture   Emotions & Feelings   Language Arts
Bedtime Stories   Fairy Tales & Fables   Love & Romance
Betrayal   Fractured Fairy Tales   Loyalty
Biography   Family & Relationships   Making Choices
Birds   Fantasy    
Bullies   Farming & Farm Life   Math—
    Friendship   Computation
    Gender Issues   Data Analysis
    Genealogy   Fractions
Character Education—   Geography   —Algebra
Courage & Honor   Girl Interest   Geometry
Fairness, Justice & Equality   Good vs. Evil   Measurement
Honesty   Government & Politics   Money
Perseverance   Growing Up   Word Problems
Determination   Health/Nutrition/Physical Fitness    
Self-Esteem       Memoir
Sharing   Historical Fiction   Morals & Values in Conflict
    History—   Music, Song & Theater
    General American   Mystery & Suspense
Classics   Colonial America   Myths, Legends & Folklore
Coming of Age   Civil War   Patriotism
Community   Westward Expansion   Peace
    19th Century   Peer Pressure
    20th Century   Poetry
Concepts—   World War II   Poverty
General       Preschool
Alphabet   Holidays & Celebrations—    
Colors   General   Racism & Prejudice
Counting   April Fool's Day   Religious Stories
Opposites   Birthday   Repetition
Seasons   Chinese New Year   Rhyme & Alliteration
Shapes   Christmas   Safety & Security
Time   Cinco de Mayo   School
  Columbus Day   Science & Nature
Contemporary Issues/Social Problems   Easter   Science Fiction
  Groundhog Day   Self-Discovery
Cultural Diversity—   Halloween   Short Stories
—General   Hanukkah   Spanish Language
African   Independence Day   Sports
African American Interest   Martin Luther King, Jr. Day   Steampunk
Asian American Interest   Mardi Gras   Supernatural
Hispanic American Interest   Mother's Day   Survival
Irish   President's Day   Technology and Computers
Middle East Interest   Ramadan   Transportation
Native American Interest   St. Patrick's Day   War
Russian   Thanksgiving   Weather
    Valentine's Day   Western--Nonfiction
        Women's History