A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus
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isbn: 9780823409495
January 1, 1991 | $7.99

A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus

by David A. Adler
Illustrator(s): John Wallner
eBook | Pages: 32
Size: 9-3/4 X 8 | USD: $7.99
ISBN: 9780823434626
Publication Date: July 1, 2015
Age: 4-8 | Guided Reading Level: M
Themes: Biography
Recommendations: A,E,SLJ,WC

About the Book

Born in Genoa, Italy, in 1451, Christopher Columbus dreamed of going to sea. He knew the earth was round, and planned a voyage west into the unknown waters of the Atlantic to reach the Indies. But it wasn’t until he was 41 years old that Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain gave him the funds, the three boats, and the men to make a voyage. Even though Columbus never reached the Indies, he made a more important discovery. On October 12, 1492, he landed on an island southeast of Florida. Since he thought he had reached the Indies, he named the natives Indians. Columbus made three more voyages and is credited with discovering the New World.