Featured Artists

Candace Fleming

Jennifer Richard Jacobson

Author of the Twig and Turtle Series

Michael Beil

Author of The Swallowtail Legacy 1: Wreck at Ada's Reef

Jodi Meadows

Author of Nightrender

David Fremont

Author of the Carlton Crumple Creature Catcher series

Elizabeth Zunon

Illustrator of Stitch by Stitch: Elizabeth Hobbs Keckly Sews Her Way to Freedom

Jennifer Ziegler

Author of Worser

Laura Brown and Elly Kramer

Authors of The Trillium Sisters

Nancy Krulik

Author of The Great Mathemachicken 1: Hide and Go Beak

Crystal Maldonado

Author of No Filter and Other Lies

Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Author/Illustrator of Red

Stephen Savage

Author of And Then Came Hope

Katelyn Detweiler

Author of The People We Choose

Hope Lim

Author of My Tree

Reem Faruqi and Fahmida Azim

Author and illustrator of Amira's Picture Day

Marilyn Kaye

Author of The Spyglass Sisterhood series

Jason Chin

Illustrator of Watercress

Kate Albus

Author of A Place to Hang the Moon

Elizabeth Spires

Author of Kate's Light

Andrea Wang

Author of Watercress

Patricia Reilly Giff

Author of Mysteries on Zoo Lane series

Polly Horvath

Author of Pine Island Home

Candace Fleming

Author of Honeybee

David L. Harrison, Jane Yolen, and Anjan Sarkar

Authors and Illustrator of Rum Pum Pum

Iain Lawrence

Author of Deadman's Castle

Roberta Angaramo

Illustrator of Smile, Breathe and Go Slowly

Mark Shulman

Author of I Voted: Making a Choice Makes a Difference

Jessixa Bagley

Author of Daisy

J.A. Dauber

J. A. Dauber author of Mayhem and Madness

Megan Cooley Peterson

Author of The Liar's Daughter

Will Hillenbrand

Author and Illustrator of Mighty Reader

Deborah Cholette, Kalli Dakos, and Sara Infante

Authors and Illustrator of Get Me Out of This Book

Hannah West

Author of Kingdom of Ash and Briars and Palace of Sliver

Christina Uss

Author of The Adventures of a Girl Called Bicycle

Roxie Munro

Author of Rodent Rascals

Jane Cabrera

Author of There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

Martha Freeman

Author of Strudel's Forever Home

Russell Freedman

A Conversation with the Newbery Medal-Winning Author

Mary Amato

Author of Our Teacher Is a Vampire and Other (Not) True Stories

Vivian Vande Velde

Inside 8 Class Pets + 1 Squirrel & 1 Dog = Chaos

Eric A. Kimmel and Janet Stevens

Creators of the Anansi books

Loreen Leedy and Andrew Schuerger

Creators of Amazing Plant Powers

Kathy Caple

Author of A Night at the Zoo