I Like to Read® Comics

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Comics-lovers can now share the fun with their kids, students, siblings, and younger friends who are learning to read. I Like to Read® Comics are perfect for kids who are challenged by or unengaged in reading, kids who love art, and the growing number of young comics fans. Filled with eye-catching art, humor, and terrific stories these comics provide unique reading experiences for growing minds.

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Hello, Comic Lovers!

Share your love of comics with your kids, students, siblings, and younger friends who are learning to read.

I Like to Read® Comics are perfect for–

  • The growing number of young comics fans
  • Kids who love art
  • Kids who are challenged by reading or unengaged in it

With eye-catching art, humor and terrific stories! A unique experience for growing minds!

I like to read
Me Gusta Leer

Holiday House is proud to introduce I Like to Read® Comics!

I Like to Read® Comics, like their award-winning I Like to Read® counterpart, is a new early reader series developed for kids just learning to read.  Created by celebrated artists, these imaginative books support reading comprehension and captivate even the most unengaged readers.    Check out the original series and Me gusta leer for Spanish editions!

Graphic novels and comics for young readers help develop reading skills and transform children into lifelong readers.

We hope that all new readers will say, “I like to read comics!”

A Note to parents
I Like to Read® Comics are in a friendly, accessible format. They hold the attention of kids who don’t usually like to read and add variety to the reading experiences of all young readers. These books are a great alternative to screen time. Plus, they boost important skills and instill a love of reading. Best of all, I Like to Read® Comics are lots of fun!
A Note to educators
I Like to Read® Comics are perfect for challenged readers, unengaged readers, English language learners, visual learners, and readers looking for variety. They provide extensive support to help with decoding, sequencing, memory, and reading comprehension. They help children develop visual literacy. I Like to Read® Comics are a perfect addition to any reading toolkit.
Comics are successful at engaging challenged readers, disinterested students, and visual learners.
The format is inherently less intimidating. Reading graphic novels is on par with a face-to-face encounter. Sequences of panels supply facial expressions, depictions of actions, gestures, and other types of nonverbal communication and make the reading experience more personal.
Graphic novels boost decoding skills and reading comprehension.
Sequential storytelling in panels offers multiple cues beyond words and illustrations to help readers decode words and understand storylines. Visual cues include facial expressions, gestures, props, depictions of actions, settings, and sound effects.
Comics help young people develop visual literacy skills.
Through reading comics, kids learn how to read and understand sequences and integrate visual information. These visual skills are essential building blocks for understanding and pulling information from maps, charts, graphs, diagrams, photographs, and all infographics.
Jeffrey Ebbeler
  • An entertaining tale about perspective and cleaning up after yourself
  • Lots of jokes hidden in the art
Miranda Harmon
  • A simple quest story that teaches responsibility and the value of teamwork
  • Sparks imagination
Laura Knetzger
  • Offers the exploration of different magical rooms
  • Engages readers’ five senses

Kathy Caple
A Junior Library Guild Selection
  • The author is a children’s librarian who understands literacy and childhood development
  • Nonstop action and humor for a high-energy read
Jeffrey Ebbeler
A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection
  • First in a line of creature-related comics by the artist
  • An adorable story about not judging a book by its cover

For Classroom and At-Home Use

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