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Trillium Sisters 1: The Triplets Get Charmed

A new chapter book series about three sisters who discover that they and their pets have superpowers they can use to protect the world around them after the charms they're given on their Founding Day are reunited.

Eight years ago, triplets Emmy, Clare, and Giselle were found in a bed of trillium flowers. Every year since, the girls and Dr. J.A., the doctor who found them, have spent their Founding Day celebrating becoming a family. This year, the Trills want to make Founding Day extra special. After discovering that the trillium bed ripped apart, Dr. J.A. tells the Trills about the glowing trillium flower that broke into three trillium petal charms--charms that he now gifts to each girl.

When Dr. J.A. is called away for an emergency, the girls and their little brother Chaos continue planning their Founding Day surprise, but when Chaos falls into a ravine, and the girls go to rescue him, something incredible happens. The charms merge to form a glowing flower and the girls suddenly have superpowers! Channeling their new abilities, they work together to try to save Chaos, but will they be able to figure out how to help in time?
Author/Illustrator Laura Brown and Elly Kramer and Sarah Mesinga
Ages 7-9
Pages 128
Publication Date June 01, 2021
Trim 5 x 7-5/8
Hardcover ISBN 9781645950141, $14.99
Paperback ISBN 9781645950158, $6.99
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