Money Madness
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isbn: 9780823422722
December 15, 2009 | $7.99

Money Madness

by David A. Adler
Illustrator(s): Edward Miller
Hardcover | Pages: 32
Size: 8-1/2 X 10 | USD: $17.95
ISBN: 9780823414741
Publication Date: March 5, 2009
Age: 4-8 | Guided Reading Level: N
Themes: Counting, David A. Adler, Math, Money
Recommendations: A,K,SLJ

About the Book

This beginning guide to economics will have readers thinking about the purpose, and not just the value, of money.

What’s all this madness about money? Long ago, people traded rocks or sheep for the items they wanted, but rocks were heavy and sheep ran away. Today there are many different kinds of money, including money you can’t even see! Each still has value; you can use it to buy things you want and need.

Talking About Money
Children can discuss the differences between cash, checks, credit cards, and digital money. They can begin to learn the concept that one must have cash in the bank in order for checks, credit cards, or digital money to be useful.-from the Online Educator’s Guide

Educator's Guide
Educator's Guide


Lesson Plan featuring classroom activities and suggestions for further exploration.