Too Many Pumpkins
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isbn: 9780823413201
January 1, 1996 | $7.99

Too Many Pumpkins

by Linda White
Illustrator(s): Megan Lloyd
eBook | Pages: 32
Size: 10 X 9 | USD: $7.99
ISBN: 9780823426768
Publication Date: July 1, 2012
Age: 4-8 | Guided Reading Level: N
Themes: Halloween, Humor
Recommendations: A,C,R*,SLJ

About the Book

Rebecca Estelle has hated pumpkins ever since she was a girl. When an enormous pumpkin falls off a truck and smashes in her yard, she shovels dirt over the pieces and forgets about them. But those slimy pumpkin smithereens sprout up in autumn, and Rebecca Estelle finds herself with a sea pumpkins. What will she do with so many pumpkins, when she can’t stand the sight of even one?